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Our aim is to deliver high quality writing and editing, as well as publications and niche conferences for the power and energy industry. With our specialist experience and industry contacts, MiB can offer a number of services, including conference moderation, writing technical articles and specialist marketing copy, and producing individually tailored power market reports.

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Green energy must be cheaper than fossil energy

by Henrik Poulsen, CEO, DONG Energy

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Fallout from Brexit on UK energy policy
Posted by David Flin on 24/06/2016 16:40:04

While energy was not a major consideration in the decision of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the dec... Read More..

Solar power to grow sixfold by 2030 as costs fall
Posted by David Flin on 24/06/2016 03:22:24

  The amount of electricity generated using solar panels is likely to expand as much as six-fold by... Read More..

Indian power stations ask Coal India to stop supply
Posted by David Flin on 23/06/2016 04:03:06

  Coal availability in India has resulted in a situation where power plants are requesting Coal I... Read More..

California set to close its last operating nuclear power plant
Posted by Brad Lineker on 22/06/2016 18:15:32

California’s only functioning nuclear power plant is scheduled to close by 2025, under an agreem... Read More..

China’s winds of change
Posted by David Flin on 21/06/2016 04:02:14

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the USA has forecast that wind power c... Read More..

Natural gas shortage could cause rolling blackouts in southern California
Posted by David Flin on 20/06/2016 04:37:31

California regulators and utility executives fear that a shortage of natural gas in the Los Angeles ... Read More..

No deal yet between Gamesa and Siemens
Posted by Brad Lineker on 15/06/2016 19:28:44

Spain’s Gamesa has said that it has not reached a deal with Germany’s Siemens on a planned merge... Read More..

Saudi Arabia seeks investors for solar plants
Posted by David Flin on 14/06/2016 04:47:11

Saudi Arabia is seeking international investors to build two solar power plants, using a deal struct... Read More..

Iceland power plant turns CO2 emissions into rock
Posted by David Flin on 13/06/2016 04:23:37

Reykjavik Energy’s CarbFix project has found that CO2 injected into volcanic bedrock rapidly turns i... Read More..

ASEAN countries to develop nuclear power plant projects
Posted by David Flin on 13/06/2016 04:21:52

  Seven ASEAN countries, including Thailand, have signed cooperation agreements with Rosatom , Rus... Read More..

Four new major coal plants cancelled in India
Posted by Brad Lineker on 10/06/2016 14:03:16

The Indian Energy Ministry is to cancel the construction of four coal-fired power plants with a ... Read More..

Sweden and Norway to meet green energy target under a joint scheme
Posted by Brad Lineker on 09/06/2016 23:00:41

A 2012 joint scheme by Norway and Sweden to boost renewable energy generation is set to deliver ... Read More..

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