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Our aim is to deliver high quality writing and editing, as well as publications and niche conferences for the power and energy industry. With our specialist experience and industry contacts, MiB can offer a number of services, including conference moderation, writing technical articles and specialist marketing copy, and producing individually tailored power market reports.

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France: Pioneering Lower-Carbon Solar Energy; Andreas Wade, Global Director, First Solar

Energy volatility, now; Andy Dewis, VP energy and sustainability services, Schneider Electric

Green energy must be cheaper than fossil energy; Henrik Poulsen, CEO, DONG Energy

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GE releases analysis of global coal and gas plants
Posted by David Flin on 06/12/2016 04:29:29

GE has released a first-of-a-kind analysis of global power plants, which found that CO2 emissions fr... Read More..

Siemens to supply turbines for five power plants in Sudan
Posted by David Flin on 05/12/2016 04:17:26

Siemens has signed an agreement with Sudan’s state-run energy provider the Sudanese Thermal Power Ge... Read More..

NTPC to set up first wind power project
Posted by David Flin on 02/12/2016 04:51:24

India’s state-owned power producer NTPC said that its board has approved its first wind energy proje... Read More..

South Australia cut from Australian national grid
Posted by David Flin on 01/12/2016 05:10:54

South Australia was separated from the Australian national grid for an hour during the night of 31 N... Read More..

Siemens to supply nine gas turbines to Argentina
Posted by David Flin on 30/11/2016 05:17:21

Siemens has announced that it has received orders from Argentina for seven SGT-800 industrial gas tu... Read More..

South Korea reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Posted by David Flin on 29/11/2016 04:49:01

The Office for Government Policy Coordination of South Korea has announced that the country’s greenh... Read More..

Report says China may spend $490 billion on unneeded coal plants
Posted by David Flin on 28/11/2016 05:46:46

According to a study from the London-based environmental think tank Carbon Tracker Initiative, China... Read More..

Shinhan Bank concludes $120 million financing deal for Japanese solar power project
Posted by David Flin on 28/11/2016 05:01:18

Shinhan Bank of South Korea has announced that it has concluded a project financing deal worth $120 ... Read More..

Alberta to pay $1.4 billion to end coal-fired electricity production by 2030
Posted by David Flin on 25/11/2016 04:35:50

The government of the Canadian province of Alberta has announced that it will pay $1.4 billion over ... Read More..

Electric power production in Peru to grow 9 per cent this year
Posted by David Flin on 24/11/2016 04:51:50

Peru’s electric power production may expand by 8-9 per cent by the end of 2016, according to Carlos ... Read More..

Zimbabwe’s power group owes $18 million to Eskom
Posted by David Flin on 24/11/2016 04:10:57

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has warned that the financial crisis in the country... Read More..

Tesla and SolarCity switch island of Ta’u to solar-only power
Posted by David Flin on 23/11/2016 04:36:39

SolarCity and Tesla have announced that they have rolled out a solar power and battery storage enabl... Read More..

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